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    A brief history of IGCNA



A brief history

We should put some historical context to the underlying values of the association. In truth, the founding, patriotic and visionary members of the golf section, who in 1997 decided to stage the first Nigeria cup handed us a huge legacy, that every Vice Captain so far has fought to live up to. The Nigeria Cup was specifically set up to commemorate Nigeria’s independence. It was envisioned as a celebration of all that is good about Nigeria.

With the same foresight, the founding members effectively set IGCNA up in 2012, to add further oversight to the organisation of the Nigeria Cup.The association is committed to ensuring the protection of the integrity of its main branded event - The Nigeria Cup. We should all feel proud that while it appears that all of the other community cups have faltered, the Nigeria Cup still endures and we must not stop striving to make sure it continues to take place.

We are particularly delighted that some of the themes of the tournament over the years encapsulate that dream of an independent Nigeria that became a reality in 1960. While we appreciate our youthfulness as a nation, Nigeria being only some 57 years young, we continue to treasure our aspirations and hopes for a better Nigeria.

We must continue to commit to our caring family oriented nature thereby evolving better community spirit. Many of us have to show the discipline that sees us through all our daily travails and challenges. Events such as the Nigeria Cup are important in showcasing our heritage. Valuing our traditions, showing the need to understand where we are coming from in order to know where we are going. We have to put our achievements thus far into perspective so we know the extent of the challenges yet to come. We must appreciate and understand that we are better and stronger together.



Ikoyi Golf Community Nigeria Association was set up in 2013. It is an association of Nigerians who are members of the golf section of Ikoyi Club 1938.

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